Sardinia – Eldorado for photo productions

Famous photographers who discovered Sardinia years ago love the island for its endless, unspoiled white sandy beaches framed by an emerald sea and an intense blue sky, the wild mountain ranges, the canyons and bays and the special quality of the light.
Sardinia is the island of contradictions. Also known as ‘ the little continent’ because of the immense variety of land – and seascapes. Near endless plains alternate steep volcanic rock faces facing the sea and gently sloping hills covered with the bushes and shrubs of the ‘ macchia mediterranea ‘ .
The heart of the island displays the wild and lonely Gennargentu mountain range with peaks up to 6000 ft.
There is more though, romanesque churches, ancient Nuraghe, roman roads, Phoenician sanctuaries, Spanish guard towers along the coasts and hidden temples and burial sites.
The mild climate and the perfect light conditions enable near year round outdoor shooting. Each village, however small an be easily reached. All main roads are tarmac, but there are still many areas which can only be reached by country roads or following tracks by off road car.

Photo productions - 2002/2003

Calida - Underwear, 2002
Stones Fashion, 2002
VISA Card, 2002
WH Smith, 2002
Emirates, 2002
Shop Direct - ARG, 2003
Marie Claire, 2003    


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