Sardinia -Eldorado for film, tv and photo productions

Geographical position and territory :
this second largest Mediterranean island is situated in the centre of the eastern Mediterranean, opposite to mainland Italy. The distance between the northern and southern extremity measures 270 km, whilst from the east to the west coast the distance is 145 km. The total surface measures 24.090 km². The coastline is 1.850 km long.

The highest peaks are:
the Punta Lamarmora reaching up to 1.834 m, the Bruncu Spina boasting 1.829 m. and the Bruncu Allasu third highest mountain with 1.701 m.

The longest river is :
the river Tirso with a length of 150 km. which lets out at Oristano. From the mouth of the Flumendosa near Muravera to it’s origins it’s 120 km. The only navigable river is the river Temo of which the ultimate 6 km before letting out at Bosa allow for navigation. Most rivers run dry during the summer season.

There is only one natural lake, the Lago Baratz near Alghero. All other lakes are artificial, weirs meant as water reserve like Lago Omodeo, Lago Coghinas and Lago Flumendosa.

Language :
Italian is the official language. The Sardinians however have their own language, a Roman language with many Latin and Spanish elements.

Political structure:
Sardinia is an autonomous region within the Italian republic. The island has four provinces: Cagliari, Oristano, Nuoro and Sassari.

Agriculture - fruit and vegetables, grapes, olives and citrus - and stock farming - sheep, goats, pigs and cows - are the backbone of the island economy. Tourism and related activities have known a significant growth over the past years. Still the unemployment rate lies far above average, over 20 %. This is also due to the fact that many local workers have seasonal contracts.

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